BMW - One of the most renowned carmakers in the world nowadays

Published: 08th June 2011
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BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG,in English, Bavarian Motor Works, is an instance from the oldest carmaker in Europe. BMW has its key headquarters in Germany and it is better know for its high performance autos and motorcycles.

BMW Group consists of other brands, such as Mini and also the magnificent Rolls-Royce. Prior to the Initial World War the BMW factories were creating bicycles and planes (in reality, the BMW trademark is actually a stylized airplane propeller).

Throughout its background, BMW faced various crisis, among that the very first World War, the second Planet War and a takeover endeavour by Daimler Benz, however it managed to evolve into one of the most renowned and well-known carmakers internationally currently.

BMW began its automobile production before the WW I together with the BMX Dixie. With many of the company's factories being bombed after the war, BMW started its automobile production once more and lots of individuals were of the 1960s and 1970s BMW continued to develop new, far more technological advanced autos and it is built a name in motorsport with its unique competitors models.

In fact, owing to their achievement in motorsport BMW sold its "civilian" autos, deriving from the challenge models. BMW has introduced various technological innovations in their autos, making them a few of the most advanced in our planet subsequently: the front disk brake, the four-wheel independent suspension.

The business has enlarged its automobile range and in 1972 the very first 5 Series was established, a model to make history for the business. Only two years on, in 1975, BMW released its smaller model, the 3 Series, pursued by the splendid seven Series in 1977. Although, BMW failed to only wanted to construct cars for the ECU market and wanted to expand its operations worldwide.

BMW entered the American market within the late 1960s with the BMW 2002 sports model. It used to be a new apparition on the US streets, as it was extremely flexible and it offered good fuel consumption. The BMW 2002 was amongst the 1st sports sedans on the American market. Within the mid 1970s BMW introduced the 3 Series, only 2 months after it has 1st established the model in Europe. The 3 Series was a big success in the United States, as Yank managed to buy an inexpensive medium sized sports sedan, a car with an exceptional handling and stability at that point.

BMW continued to extend its auto range to be sold in the United States and nowadays all its brands are offered to Yank purchasers: BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce. But BMW did not only sell autos in the US, but opened numerous technology and production plants: they've a design office in California, a technology bureau in Silicon Valley and lots of producing plants, eg, the 1 South Carolina that is the only plant to make the Z4 model along with the American X5. There are about 500 official BMW dealers in the States currently. BMW is presently looking to offer stronger, luxurious cars that augment the latest technologies to provide the most effective gas ingestion in their class.

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